Company Profile

AGRIDERA Seeds & Agriculture Ltd.

In 1952, a group of families consisting of farmers and academics established the Zeraim Gedera company.
In the early 2000’s, the company split into two sister companies - Zeraim Gedera and Agridera Seeds & Agriculture Ltd.


The former, which focused on vegetable seeds, was sold to Syngenta, the Basel-based agrochemical, and seed company. Agridera Seeds & Agriculture Ltd., however, continues to be owned by the founding families.

Agridera is one of the oldest seed companies in Israel, specializing in the cultivation, production, processing, sale, and marketing of field crops, vegetables, and ornamental flowers for the Israeli and global market.

Agridera holds a farm east of Gedera, a town in the center of Israel. The farm covers nearly 2000 dunams (2 million square meters) of growing areas and greenhouses for personal use, as well as for farmers and external seed companies.

As a seed company, we deal with the value chain of vegetable seeds and field crops, including:

  • Cultivating new varieties of wheat, barley, tomatoes, and ornamental sunflowers.Production in the farming fields, as well as at numerous growing stations in Israel and around the globe.
  • Producing and processing high-quality seeds in the company’s factory.
  • Marketing and sales, by an experienced and professional team, of hybrid vegetable seeds, as well as numerous varieties of field crops, e.g., wheat, barley, clover, vetches, and watermelon.